The 10 Most Romantic Sounds in The World

February 13, 2015

Romance is in the air and tiny red and pink hearts abound as people get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But for those with hearing loss, even simple sentiments from a loved one can lose something in translation, let alone all of the other romantic sounds that are missed. There are some sounds that are inherently romantic, whether for their musicality or for what they represent.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are some of the most romantic sounds around.

Train Whistle

Trains represent a bygone era and a romantic way to travel. A time when hats were in fashion, everyone dressed to impress, and the world moved at a slower pace. Imagine the sound of the whistle as the train pulls in and brings your loved one home. Imagine the sound of the whistle as you get ready to embark on a countryside journey with your partner. It’s pure romance!



For many people, there is no more romantic place than the beach. Countless couples journey to warm, beach climates every year for weddings, anniversaries, and just to get away from it all and spend some time together. But imagine the beach without the waves rolling in and suddenly it isn’t quite as romantic. The sound of the waves lapping at the shore is one that is soothing and romantic!

Mail Flap

Going back in time again, there is something very charming and romantic about the sound of mail being pushed through a metal flap in the door or in a mailbox. It signals giddy anticipation and the possibility of love letters and what could be more romantic than that?

Opening Credits

Movies are the go-to date of choice for couples of all ages. There’s something great about sitting in the dark theatre with your love and revelling in the opening credits as you nibble on popcorn and sip some pop. Of course, sound is inextricably linked to memory, so for many couples, the opening credits and theme songs in a beloved movie can trigger romance! (See Gone With The Wind below!)

The “Ding” of New Mail

With a modern, digital age comes modern, digital dating! These days, the ring that signals a new text message or the “ding” that signals a new email is incredibly romantic for new couples. Those first few weeks of infatuation have couples scrambling to check their messages as soon as they come through! Isn’t that romantic? Heck, they even made a movie called ‘You’ve Got Mail’ that showcases just that!


When the spring blossoms are blooming and the weather turns warmer, the twittering of birds in the trees becomes the soundtrack to romantic walks in the park. Birds flit about while you enjoy a picnic date and their songs mark the beginning of new life and renewed romance.

Rustling Leaves

Like the birds of spring, the sound of rustling leaves (or leaves crunching under feet) in the fall marks a new season and a time to be bundled up with the one you love. Put on a scarf, grab a coffee, and take a romantic stroll in the fresh autumn air while the leaves rustle and drift down about you. Now that’s romantic!

Crackling Fire

When it comes to romantic sounds, few things top the roar of the crackling fire. You can hear the sparks of the flames while you enjoy some romantic sparks of your own. After all, fires are the go-to romance backdrop to wine dates, dinner dates, and cozy conversation. They go hand in hand.

A Whisper

Whispers are intimate. Not only do they conjure visions of sweet nothings and speaking soft and low, but they require a level of nearness between people. Whispers are for lovers and loved ones and they are tied to romance in a way that few other forms of communication are. A whisper from your partner is definitely romantic!


Laughter is one of those things that all great relationships have in common. Laughter is a social reaction and vocalization that actually binds people together. It makes us enjoy each other’s company more and often signals enjoyment, which may be why there is nothing like the sound of your partner laughing.

When you suffer with hearing loss, not only does communication with your partner become more difficult, but you miss out on all of the great sounds that signal romantic times and romantic memories. Thankfully, there are all kinds of technology and health advancements that can help restore your hearing so that you can enjoy all the romantic sounds throughout the year.

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