Academy Hearing offers.....

  • Exceptional Customer Service in Calgary for over 17 Years
  • Personal care and attention by our Board Certified Registered Hearing Aid Practitioners
  • Complimentary Full Diagnostic Hearing assessment for Adults
  • Hearing Aid evaluation and selection
  • Hearing Aid dispensing and fitting
  • Satisfaction guaranteed over the 30+ day adjustment trial period
  • Selected Manufacturers In House Repair of Hearing Aids
  • Selected Manufacturers Repair of Hearing Aids
  • Custom Hearing Protection and Earplugs
  • Lifetime Service including ongoing counselling and education for hearing aid users and their families
  • Training on Amplification Options and Communication Strategies
  • Referrals to Alberta Health for Further Assessment when Required

Additional Hearing Aid Services

  • Follow Up Appointments through the Trial Period to ensure Complete Hearing Aid Satisfaction
  • Up to 3 Years Hearing Aid Repair Warranty
  • Up to 3 Years Loss or Damage – hearing aid replacement (one time only - deductible)
  • Ongoing In-Office Hearing Aid Servicing by appointment
  • Ongoing cleaning and service, as needed, during the life of the hearing aid
  • 4, 5, 6 month Follow Up Service to ensure Hearing Aids are working properly and maintained
  • Full Hearing Re-Evaluation as needed or every 2 Years
  • Last Minute Emergency Appointments Available

Financial Assistance

Our clinicians will provide information about available funding options:

  • Alberta Aids to Daily Living
  • Workers’ Compensation Alberta
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • RCMP
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits
  • AISH
  • Campbell MacLaurin Foundation

5 signs that you may be losing your hearing

5 signs that you may be losing your hearing

Hearing loss is often gradual, which can make it difficult to know when it’s becoming a problem. Here are some warning symptoms that your hearing may be worsening, and that it might be time to consider getting professional help. You...

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Tinnitus Relief with the ReSound LiNX3D Hearing Aid

Tinnitus Relief with the ReSound LiNX3D Hearing Aid

Those who are suffering from tinnitus know that it can be extremely frustrating and even painful. Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing ringing in the ears, which can be very distracting and even cause headaches. It is also usually accompanied...

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Concerts, festivals and hearing loss

Concerts, festivals and hearing loss

If you’ve been to a loud concert before, you’ve probably experienced the common yet irritating ringing sound in your ears afterwards. Unfortunately, that ringing sound is not just a sign that you had a fun time, as it can also...

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