9 benefits of having hearing aids that you haven't thought about

September 4, 2019

If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with. It’s frustrating, isolating, and unmotivating. Everything in your life feels off and it can be hard to get things back to normal.

That’s where hearing aids come in. There have been significant advances in hearing aid technology over the last few years, allowing those with hearing loss to get their lives back on track. Here are 9 reasons why you should use hearing aids to improve your everyday life. 

Improve your communication

With hearing aids, you will be able to communicate better, faster, and more consistently. A big challenge for someone with hearing loss is busy spaces such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or grocery store — if you have trouble hearing a conversation in a normal environment, add extra noise from these places and you will quickly feel overwhelmed. 

Hearing aids help with this. You can hear normally again, leading to better communication. Subtle tones are easier to catch and you can spend less time focusing on every word in a conversation and more on the interaction itself. 

Stay safe

You never really know how much you rely on your hearing until you’re deprived of it. If you’re in a busy space and you can’t hear your surroundings, it can be quite dangerous for everyone involved. Hearing aid technology has advanced to the point where you can still hear clearly in busy environments and can save you from having a serious accident.

Back in March 2018, a study was published in the JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery journal that looked at the rate of accidents in those with varying levels of self-reported hearing health — it ranged from excellent and good hearing to a small, moderate, and high amount of hearing loss. 

Of the 232.2 million people surveyed from 2007 to 2015, 6.6 million experienced accidental injuries. The study cross referenced those that had accidents with their self-reported hearing health and concluded that those with hearing loss were more likely to have an accident resulting in an injury. 

  • Excellent hearing: Baseline for the study

  • Good hearing: 20% more likely

  • A little trouble hearing: 60% more likely

  • Moderate trouble: 70% more likely

  • A lot of trouble: 90% more likely

Maintain your brain health

Your brain is extremely resourceful. Normally that’s great, but it also means that, as your hearing declines, your brain will no longer view it as a necessity to maintain. Overtime, the auditory areas of your brain that receive and process sounds and speech will atrophy, becoming less effective.

Hearing aids allow your brain to be stimulated by sound again, which helps maintain your brain health as you age. At the first sign of hearing loss, consult a healthcare provider on the next steps to getting hearing aids. Find the proper ones for your situation as soon as possible to keep your brain from atrophying.

Fix your tinnitus

Tinnitus is when you constantly hear ringing or clicking in your ears — some have described it as the sound of crickets or running water. If you experience tinnitus, it’s important to know that hearing aids can be an effective course of treatment. With proper configuration, your hearing aids will create a sound that masks tinnitus — in other words, it neutralizes the sound from tinnitus. 

A study conducted in 2007 surveyed 230 hearing care professionals and found that approximately 60% of people suffering from tinnitus experienced minor to major improvements after wearing hearing aids and 22% had significant improvements.

Spend quality time with family

Sitting quietly at family events because you can’t keep track or hear all of the conversations should not be your solution. Hearing aids will give you the confidence to be right in the middle of all the activity and spend quality time with your family.

If you have a hard time hearing your spouse and find yourself asking “what was that?” quite often, then you can imagine how much they would appreciate it if you started wearing hearing aids. Spending time together will be more enjoyable for both of you, and family events will be more engaging for everyone involved.

Take charge of your hearing health

Many are hesitant to get hearing aids for a variety of reasons. Some don’t like the style, find them uncomfortable, don’t think they’re old enough to need them, or they don’t think their hearing is bad enough to get hearing aids. 

While those reasons are understandable, there’s no need to worry. With how advanced hearing aid technology has become, they are more discreet, stylish and comfortable than ever. Hearing loss also doesn’t choose an age, anyone can develop hearing loss at any time and benefit from hearing aids. 

Instead of getting frustrated and simply dealing with hearing loss every single day, you can take charge of your hearing health and conquer hearing loss with hearing aids. You will improve your day-to-day life and convince your friends to get some of their own, if they need them of course. 

Conserve your energy

When you deal with hearing loss every day, your brain is working harder than ever to follow conversations and pick up sounds. You end up becoming more and more drained as the day goes on and you may find that you need a nap every day, stopping you from doing the activities you enjoy. 

Hearing aids will stop you from overworking your brain and help you conserve energy all day long. They are a comfortable way to maintain your brain health and keep your energy levels high while allowing you to hear your surroundings.

Keep your annual salary from changing

According to a study reported on in The Hearing Journal, hearing loss is linked to a higher rate of unemployment (2.2:1) and a lower annual salary — earning approximately 25% less per year.

It’s no secret that hearing loss is an obstacle to overcome for everyone. This study doesn’t mean that because you have hearing loss you will earn less and be unemployed, rather, hearing aids will help you counter hearing loss and keep that hurdle from becoming a barrier, completely stopping you from working effectively. 

Live life to the fullest

This may be an obvious one, but your quality of life will improve. No more isolation and frustration, no more asking for everyone to repeat themselves. You can go about your day like usual — talk to your friends and family, enjoy music, drink a coffee in a busy place, and, more importantly, live comfortably. 

Bonus: Hear better

Not only is it difficult to guess every conversation you have, but it’s also unsettling when you’re wrong. You want to visit with friends and family, but you may feel embarrassed because you can’t hear what they’re saying. You may skip a few family events — slowly but surely isolating yourself. Hearing aids can fix that. 

One of the most obvious benefits to hearing aids is that you actually hear better. You can hear conversations clearly without having to guess what people are saying and visiting friends and family will be a breeze.

Instead of fighting with hearing loss every day, conquer it with hearing aids. If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss and needs a change, find the right hearing aids for your lifestyle. Let us at Academy Hearing change your hearing loss into a hearing gain! For more information or any inquiries, contact us today.


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9 benefits of having hearing aids that you haven't thought about

9 benefits of having hearing aids that you haven't thought about

If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with. It’s frustrating, isolating, and unmotivating. Everything in your life feels off and it can be hard to get things back to normal. That’s...

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