Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Read why others chose Academy Hearing Centres as their Hearing Healthcare Provider.

Dear Kathy Quast,

"I am writing this short letter to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service you have provided to me at Academy Hearing Centres.

It must be close to 10 years that I have been coming to you for my hearing care.

You always provided me with fantastic service and found the best hearing aids for me and even some equipment for when I watch television.

You are a wonderful person and I am blessed to have you as my hearing aid practitoner for all my hearing needs."

With sincere gratitude,

Hana S.


"My first visit to Academy Hearing was in June 2013 when I had a hearing test with Kathy Quast in response to my concerns about hearing loss. As the test did indicate significant hearing loss, we discussed the different types of hearing aids available. I received my first pair of hearing aids a month later. Over the ensuing 6 years, I had regular visits with Kathy to check on the hearing aids and to make adjustments when required. When I heard about rechargeable hearing aids early in 2019, I asked Kathy about them and after learning more about them, I decided to make the change as I really liked the idea of never having to worry about the batteries needing replacing at inconvenient times (e.g. when I'm out skiing or hiking in the mountains). I also liked all of the accessories that came with them such as the wireless connection to the TV and to a small microphone for use in noisy restaurants. I very much appreciate my regular checkups with Kathy who answers all of my questions or concerns and ensures that my hearing aids are kept in good working order. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathy Quast at Academy Hearing (Brentwood) to anyone who has concerns about their hearing."

Kiyoko M.

"I have been a client of Academy Hearing Center for about seven years. When I accepted the fact that I had hearing loss, I found that Kathy was very helpful in helping me adjust to hearing aids. With regular check-ups and consultations with Kathy I am very comfortable with my hearing aids. I recently got new hearing aids and the new technology is great and was explained to me very well. 

If you have hearing loss, I would highly recommend Kathy at the Academy Hearing Centre to set you up with hearing aids so you can enjoy the sounds of life and be comfortable in different situations."

Kay R.

"About two years ago I went to the Academy Hearing Center for a test. It was noted that my hearing was not too sharp, particularly in one ear. Kathy measured and ordered hearing aids for me. They were an inset. I developed skin cancer in one year and could not use the insert in one ear. Immediately they offered another type in exchange. I had follow up visits and they were most friendly and accommodating. The new aids work. Very Friendly, understanding and accommodating. "

 Robert D. B.

"A few years ago I suddenly had difficulty with my hearing. (I was born on June 28th, 1935 in Saskatchewan.) I did not know anybody who was in the hearing business. I did, however, remember seeing that there was a Hearing Aid Practitioner in the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre here in Calgary. And, in I went.

It soon turned out I was very lucky to meet Kathy Quast.

She was (and is) a very thorough first-class practitioner and continues to see me every few weeks to determine if I am having any difficulties.

If you should ever wish to ask me about the above activities, by all means contact me as shown below!"

- Charles R. M.

“I have been ‘experimenting’ with hearing aids for some twenty years. Although some of them offered some improvement under special circumstances none were very satisfactory until these ones. They actually work as they are supposed to. I have yet to find a situation where they don’t work well. The old bug-bear of simply magnifying the background noise appears to have been addressed and I can hear what my partner is saying even in a noisy restaurant.”

- N. Gass

“I’m a landscape painter which in itself is a fairly quiet world. But when people want to talk with me about my paintings I need to hear them. The solution is wonderful hearing aids complete with a phone connection for my mobile from Academy Hearing Centres. Kathy and Cherie listened and nothing mattered more than finding the right solutions. My goodness they care.”

- J. Pescott, Landscape Painter

"I have been to a few hearing aid centres in the past with varying results.  Academy Hearing is by far the best. I have told my friends with hearing problems to try Academy Hearing.  My current hearing aid works very well and is based on the latest technology."

- Pat M 

"My doctor first referred me to Academy Hearing Centres in 2010 when I realized that my hearing loss was affecting my ability to perform my job as a software consultant.  I didn't have to wait long for my first appointment.  I had a thorough hearing test and the hearing aids they fitted for me made a huge improvement in my ability to hear what my clients were saying to me.

I return to Academy Hearing Centres every three months.  Kathy Quast is my Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner and I can’t say enough about how great she is.  Kathy always greets me with a smile.  She cleans and services my hearing aids, listens carefully to any questions or concerns I might have and she then expertly adjusts the hearing aid volume and sensitivity based on my comments.  I have referred other family members to Kathy and they are as happy as I am with the amazing quality of service that she delivers.   Thanks Kathy!"

- Deb H 

"After years of struggling with inferior hearing aids, I went to Academy Hearing where they fitted me with aids that were right for my hearing loss. I have had them for 2 years now without a bit of trouble, thanks to Kathy and Academy’s terrific follow up care and service.

It is so nice to be able to carry on a conversation and hear things again that I hadn’t heard for many years.

Thanks Academy!"

- G. Little 

"One of the hardest parts of human nature is recognizing that you have a problem and having to ask for help to either resolve it or improve your situation.  Hearing loss is perhaps one of the big ones on that list as it comes with a realization that one is no longer ‘perfect’, and time is ticking along.  Taking that step in this situation was done with much foot dragging and a considerable amount of research.

     It was a very fortunate day when the folks at Academy Hearing became a part of my life.  The location is accessible with loads of free parking.  What made taking this step easier were the wonderful folks I met there and the relaxed atmosphere around the office.  There is no pressure and what comes across, clearly, is a very noticeable and personal concern that you receive the best product and information available in order to improve your quality of life.  Kathy is an amazingly patient person who is always there to help with equipment operation, maintenance, and any perceived change in one’s hearing status.  Initial hearing testing is done on the premises and repairs are handled through the office as well.  Any paperwork required for government health programs is processed and submitted directly for process on behalf of the client.

     With the experiences I’ve had I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these folks to anybody needing to take that initial step in order to improve their quality of life."

- V. Campbell 

"I am nothing but incredibly impressed and pleased with the quality and level of professional service I have received from Kathy each and every time I have had an appointment.  I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever in recommending both her and the Academy Hearing Centre to anyone in need of yours services."

- V. Fielder 

"We have been going to Academy Hearing Centres in Brentwood Mall for our hearing aid needs for over 10 years.  Robert is profoundly deaf and has been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years.  Roberta's hearing loss is more recent and appears to be more age-related, so we present different hearing challenges.  We are pleased with the hearing aids we've been fitted with and the attention the staff has given us.  They are especially attentive to our individual hearing needs and concerns.  Kathy Quast has recently provided us with exceptionally good hearing aids that take advantage of the latest advances in technology, and we both can hear much better.  We highly recommend the services of Academy Hearing Centres."

- Robert & Roberta H.


Dear Kathy,

"I had been saying how you had made my life great again by taking good care of my hearing need.  But those words are unable to express truly how joyful 😃 I am. Finally I am able to find a video reflecting how I really felt and like dancing with joy with my grand children.  Thank you again."

Best regards to you and your family

Your loyal fan

James 🤗


"If you have ever had to ask someone to repeat what they have said because you couldn't hear it or if you ever feel you are missing part of what a speaker says, you will benefit from getting hearing aids".

"Don't look in the yellow pages or go where a commercial sends you.  Ask a friend for a recommendation, or simply take my word for it.  I suggest you go to ACADEMY HEARING CENTRES in Brentwood Village shopping centre.  I went there on a friends' recommendation and I couldn't be more pleased with the results".

"One of the BEST things about Academy Hearing is that they care about you!  They will help you at any time if you need it.  The amazing part is every time you go to see them after you purchase your hearing aids there is no additional charges.  What more could you ask"?

"Don't delay and don't miss out on hearing what is happening around you! Call them today"!

"You'll be so glad you did"!

Helen B.


"We had been recommended to Academy Hearing because of the service Kathy had provided to our friends and we also can testify to her good service.  Kathy has been a blessing. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, caring and above all really knows her business. We love her dearly.  She has made Marcels' life so much better with the hearing aids and the technology she applies.  Way to go Kathy! She is a treasure to the company."


Marcel & Ona-Mae B.



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